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2016 Mazak Variaxis i800, used 5 Axis Machines

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Multiple-surface / Simultaneous 5-axis machining center

Mazatrol SmoothX

Maximum workpiece diameter x height ø 730 x 500    mm

Table size 500 x 500 mm

Number of pallets 2   

Maximum table load 600    kg

X-Axis stroke (saddle longitudinal movement) 730 mm

Y-Axis stroke (column transverse movement) 850 mm

Z-Axis stroke (head vertical movement)    560 mm

A-Axis travel  (table tilting) -120° / +30°

Indexing A-Axis 0.0001°

C-Axis travel  (table rotation) 360°

Indexing C-Axis    0.0001°

Min./max. distance spindle nose to table top (table horizontal)    230 - 790 mm

Min./max. distance spindle nose to table center (table vertical)180 - 740 mm

Table surface height 1020 mm

Cutting feed rate X-/Y- and Z-Axis 42000 mm/min

Rapid traverse rate X-/Y- and Z-Axis 42000 mm/min

Cutting feed rate A-/C-Axis 18000 °/min

Rapid traverse rate A-/C-Axis 18000 °/min

Index positioning time A-Axis 90° 0.6 sec

Index positioning time C-Axis 90° 1.1    sec

Pallet change time 14.5    sec

Number of simultaneous controlled axes 5   

Spindle taper DIN 69871 50   

Min./max. spindle speed    35 to 10000 rpm

Spindle motor 40% ED/continuous rating 37/30 kW

Spindle torque 350/239    Nm

Number of tools in magazine 40   

Toolchange time chip-to-chip 4.5 sec.

Max. Tool diameter 125 mm

Max. Tool diameter with adjacent holders empty 210 mm

Max. Tool length 400 mm

Max. Tool weight 20 kg

Required floor space Width x Depth 2695 x 5440    mm

Height 3515 mm

Weight 21000 kg

Complete with:       

2 Pallet Charger                   

Tool magazine with 40 positions                   

Manual Puls generator with cable/ detachable                   

Air blast round spindle                   

European coolant interface, Prep. 70 bar max. 7 steps                   

Preparation chip conveyor right disposal                   

KNOLL high pressure coolantsystem Type KF 400/2250 70 Bar

Filter and chip conveyor (Scraper type)               

Preparation for Mazak Monitoring system (RMP 600)                   

Renishaw RMP 600 Probe (Radio type)                   

Auto peckin cycle with load detection                   

B)  Synchronised tapping                   

B)  G00 Slope constant                   

5-Axis Machining Package:                   

5 Axis spline interpolation               

B)  Mazacc 2-D software (shape compensation)               

D)  Mazacc 3-D High speed software package               

B)  Shape compensation for rotary axis               

D)  High smooting control               

F)  EIA/ISO function simultanious 5 Axes               

F)  Tool tip point control/simultanious 5 axes               

Fine spline interpolation (EIA)               

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